What is New Allies®?

Across the country, child welfare leaders shoulder the immense responsibility of leading agencies that care for our most vulnerable children and families. Too often, frequent crises, public scrutiny, and limited capacity force leaders to direct resources to short-term urgent needs, rather than long-term improvement.

New Allies® helps child welfare leaders in states and counties navigate long-term, sustainable system transformation.  We do this by supporting leaders to construct clear visions, based upon data and evidence that empower them to make informed choices about how to allocate scarce and precious resources.  We then stick around to partner in the important work of putting the vision to work on the front lines. 

Our goal is to transform child welfare systems across the country and give children and families their best chance at long-term success.

Who we work with

New Allies® works directly with public child welfare agencies. However, the child welfare system encompasses many other actors and influencers; so our approach incorporates the judiciary, legislature, private providers, local philanthropists, other consultants, families with lived experience, and other, critical stakeholders. The ideal system for a New Allies® engagement is one with observable opportunities to improve outcomes for children and families; leadership that is ready and willing to take bold steps; and stakeholders who are willing to come together to build solutions.

Our Theory of Change

Unfocused Strategies

Many systems are burdened with mandates and crises that cause inefficient use of valuable resources.

Inefficient Use

This leads to unfocused strategies that fail to improve outcomes
for children and families.

Lasting Success

New Allies® helps bring the most significant opportunities into focus to help create lasting success for families.

What success means to us

New Allies® does not enter an engagement with a preconceived idea about the “right” way for a system to look, work, or take on change. For us, success means that a child welfare system has a clear understanding of its strengths and liabilities; makes informed decisions about how to invest its resources and set priorities; and possesses the skills and tools necessary both to resolve immediate challenges and to monitor progress and make adjustments on an ongoing basis.

Our Team

New Allies® was developed by Youth Villages to support child welfare systems in the challenging work of helping children and families live successfully.

The team is comprised of professionals with a range of experience and skills who work together to provide seamless, tailored assistance that is practical and generates measurable results. Because New Allies is supported by generous, philanthropic gifts, our services are provided at no cost to the agencies we engage.