How we do our work

Ways We Help

New Allies provides child welfare agencies with the support and technical assistance they need to build system capacity and operationalize the deep, systemic change needed to achieve and sustain better outcomes for children, families and young people. We employ human-centered, impact-focused approaches to help ensure practical, meaningful solutions to complicated challenges through both comprehensive engagements and targeted support.

Comprehensive Engagements

One way New Allies supports child welfare systems is through a comprehensive system improvement venture that begins by assessing the system’s strengths and weaknesses, engages stakeholders in creating a tailored plan to improve outcomes, and includes long-term implementation support—typically over about five years.

Strategic. Leaders face seemingly impossible trade-offs when allocating resources in a crisis-driven environment. We help systems prioritize actions that maximize impact for children and families.

Systemic. The challenges systems face are complex, and numerous players impact outcomes for children and families. New Allies helps the agency engage private service providers, the judiciary, the state Medicaid agency and other critical stakeholders in order to improve outcomes.

Coordinated. New Allies works to coordinate efforts across change initiatives in order to help ensure that the agency’s vision is at the center of each.

Tailored. Rather than offering a set of solutions to fit undefined problems, New Allies adapts its approach and recommendations corespond to the unique context of each system..

Comprehensive Engagements

Targeted Support

In addition to comprehensive improvement efforts, New Allies® undertakes targeted projects that align with our commitment to help systems focus their resources and energy on strategies that create positive impact.

Navigating child welfare lawsuits in a way that accomplishes the goals of system reform without compromising agency control of resources and priority setting.

Supporting implementation of prevention services to maximize positive outcomes for children and families by analyzing administrative data and providing practical, on the ground assistance to get the right families the right services at the right time.

Problem analysis to identify the unique circumstances necessitating out of home placement for children and youth. We use  administrative data and human centered engagement to develop a nuanced understanding of the most significant factors
contributing to removals and support strategic interventions in response.

Guiding policy development and programming to maximize permanency and positive outcomes for older youth in care.