How to Get Involved

How you can be part of this effort

New Allies® represents an exciting approach to driving lasting improvement in child welfare systems, and we are eager to share this opportunity with others who have a commitment to improving outcomes for children and families. If you are interested in getting involved, there are a number of ways you can support New Allies®:

Thought partnership
As we continue to refine the New Allies® approach, we are eager for thought partners to advance our thinking and provide feedback on our ideas.
State/local support

New Allies’® Application approach includes local stakeholders who can provide the support and influence necessary to drive and sustain change. For each state partner, we are looking for local philanthropists, advocates, providers and business leaders to help build buy-in, secure resources and create accountability

Content area expertise

We recognize that systems’ needs continue to evolve, and there are individuals with skills and experience that are particularly relevant to meet the unique needs of different jurisdictions. Given this, we are looking to build out a bench of advisors with varied content area expertise.

Philanthropic contribution

A major portion of the cost of our work comes from philanthropic investments from individuals and foundations committed to deep change in our nation’s child welfare systems.

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