New Allies Pilot

How we do our work



New Allies® begins by taking an objective, comprehensive look at the child welfare system—from how organizational structures function to how healthy providers of services are.  We leverage our varied experience working in state systems, as clinicians, as private providers, and as consultants to identify areas of strength and need within the child welfare system.



Most child welfare agencies have a host of plans with unconnected, sometimes conflicting objectives and action steps.  New Allies® supports leaders to make thoughtful choices among the full range of potential investments in order to identify those that offer the most significant potential return on investment for children and families.  By identifying a streamlined set of priorities, leaders create clarity of vision and a framework for decision-making.



Plans are critical for achieving measurable impact, but a plan alone won’t improve a child welfare system or its outcomes.  Plans must be implemented in a way that makes them sustainable and practical for the staff, partners, and systems that give them life.  We know that the energy, focus, and commitment to a plan is challenging to maintain amidst the curveballs that are continuously thrown at child welfare leaders, so New Allies® stays on the ground to make sure that implementation is successful.  We assist with implementation; coach leaders at various levels to instill skills and provide tools that support sustained success; and ensure that the system has a strong process for measuring its own success over time.