New Allies Pilot

We are ready to launch a multi-year pilot of New Allies—intended both to achieve state-level reform and lasting improvement in one child welfare system and to create a proof point that helps bring New Allies to additional states.

We plan to launch New Allies over the summer of 2019 and are in active conversation with several potential pilot states. To ensure that we have chosen the best state for a pilot, we plan to include up to three states in the assessment process, and then to choose one of them to move into planning and implementation. We will prioritize states that have demonstrated interest and need for reform (e.g., room to improve on key child welfare outcomes such as permanency and re-entry) and which have the capacity needed to sustain reform over multiple years (e.g., invested leadership teams, stable budget). We will also seek to pilot New Allies in a state where Youth Villages does not directly provide services, given Youth Villages’ role in New Allies and the potential for perceived conflicts of interest.