The Investment

We estimate the pilot will cost $9.7 million over five and half years. Roughly sixty percent of these costs ($5.9 million) are already covered by a major philanthropic investment secured by Youth Villages. The remaining $3.8 million will be raised by through public and private funders committed to improving services for children and families. To work with New Allies, our state partner will also be expected to make a meaningful commitment of resources to the effort, such as committing to reinvest a portion of cost savings generated through the work back into the child welfare system.

By breaking the cycle of crisis-driven management, New Allies will free up existing resources and leadership capacity to focus on the highest-impact priorities. Given that the average state child welfare system spends $620 million annually[1], this philanthropic investment has the potential to achieve extraordinary leverage.  An investment in New Allies represents a powerful and sustainable investment in child welfare systems.


[1] Average state child welfare agency expenditures were calculated based on data reported in “Child Welfare Financing SFY 2016: A survey of federal, state, and local expenditures” (Rosinsky and Williams, 2018).